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So, Saturn is also linked with Moon through Mercury. In the 2nd house Mars is strongly placed and hence the native is engaged in those types of business.

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For an example when he is associated with planets like Mercury or Venus is a sure shot formula for business and for Jupiter it is job etc. He along with his friends tried so many things, business etc.

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They have a wine shop. When they were running it with Hired Staff it was not in a good position. Sale of goods was Rs per day. His father was not interested in sending him to the shop as it is a wine shop. After proper advice through astrological explanation, he agreed. As soon as he took charge of the shop, it got the life and now-a-days the sale has come up to Rs per day. One can notice here that Saturn, the indicator of profession is lonely posited in the sign Gemini, a Mercurian sign, the sign of business activities. Venus indicates luxury goods, sophisticated goods and Moon is for drinks, liquid etc.

Mars is chemical and Jupiter also is posited in a watery sign.

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Though Venus and Moon does not augur a good financial position but Cancer or Karkata is the exception. This is one of the special rule of Sage Bhrigu. The reason is Moon is used to be exalted in Taurus Vrishaba which is the house of Venus and, Pisces is the exaltation sign of Venus whose owner Jupiter himself is used to be exalted in Cancer Karkata. So, in this case it played a great role. The 2nd house from Saturn is of watery nature and watery planets are posited there and the native is earning a lot in selling the foreign liquors as their shop is a big one and and is the only shop selling foreign liquors.

Since Saturn is alone, the planets in the 2 nd house has a strong influence in deciding about the livelihood of the native. Saturn is exalted in this chart and with his bosom friend Venus and with Sun in the house of Venus — A money oriented sign.

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In the 2nd house from Saturn, Rahu is posited. Rahu indicates Shadow arts, Camera techniques or computer techniques. Rahu is for Vast and mammoth transactions. The sign lord or sign dispositor of Rahu is Mars who himself is a planet related with machines and machineries. Mercury rules the communication as it is the owner of the 3rd house of the natural zodiac. All these factors suggest that this native will be expert in mammoth transaction related with machinery. As the planet Rahu is involved in the 2 nd from Saturn, it gave software related profession and Bill Gates brought in the OS called Windows.

In the above chart Saturn is placed in the sign Simha Leo aspected by Mars being trine to Saturn , Jupiter is retrograde, according to the rules of retrogression it should give some effects of the previous house also. He is a teacher who has plenty of knowledge or vast knowledge. In the 2nd house from Saturn, Mercury the planet of intelligence is posited. Moon is for emotion, for writing, imagination etc.

Jupiter is knowledge and is related with Mars, the planet of power i. Shakti etc. The planetary arrangement in her chart shows her capability of writing crime stories and not the stories of romance. Here, one can notice that Saturn is exalted, Venus and Mercury is posited in the 2nd house from Saturn.

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Thus he was a great numerologist, palmist and a great Astrologer. As we know that Ketu is a planet for spiritual pursuit. Jupiter gave him enough knowledge in Astrology. He is one of the all time greatest Astrologer.

Bhrigu Nadi Principles - Profession & Life Style Through Saturn & Jupiter

This is the case of a lady who now is the principal of an Engineering Institute. This is the case of a female native who have struggled a lot. Now, see there is the association of Jupiter and Ketu with Saturn. It is with Jupiter in a technical type of Rasi Capricorn has also some sorts of technicality under its Karakatwa.

Jupiter is the Guru or the guide. The native is a principal in a Technical college situated at Gorakhpur, U. More interestingly, she is a Astrologer, has gone through various astrology books and spiritual books. Ketu, the spiritual enlightener is with Jupiter and Saturn. This is a good Yoga for next brith. Categories: Astrology , Nadi Astrology , Profession. Like Like.

Sometimes it is also referred as KP Astrology, i. Krishnamoorthy Paddhati Astrology. It is just that followers of Krishnamoorthy started calling it KP Astrology. This is where the importance of Bhav Chalit Chart comes into play.

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We need to see which house every planet is ruling in BCC and then which house it is sitting. Likewise, we need to take houses activated by every planet from BCC which are as follows —. Sun - 10, 4. Moon - 9, 7. Mars - 1, 3, 6. Mercury - 8, 11, 4. Jupiter - 2, 5, 9.

Venus - 2, 7, Saturn - 3, 4, For Rahu-Ketu, rules always change. Like, —. Rahu is in Leo ruled by Sun , conjunct Saturn and aspected by Mars in the birth chart attached here. So, houses activated by Rahu will actually be houses activated by Sun, Saturn and Mars which are as follows —. Rahu - 10, 4, 3, 1, 6. Ketu is in Aquarius ruled by Saturn , no conjunction and it is aspected by Saturn only.

So, houses activated by Ketu will actually be houses activated by Saturn only which are as follows —. Ketu - 3, 4, I know it is confusing but with practice, it becomes easy. So finally, we have all the planets and houses they are activating —.

So, Planet, Lord and Sub-Lord would be like —. As per BNJ —. But if majority of houses are negating relation then separation can take place. Like, at all 3 levels of planet, lord and sub-lord, if 4 th house is getting activated during any dasha then person can have events related with real estate during that dasha. Final Few Rules — Now, final few rules —. Example — Now, an example may be useful to understand these complexities.

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  • As I said, example chart is mine. I am under Jupiter-Ketu-Saturn dasha right now till 10 th Nov, Jupiter MD. Planet - Jupiter - 2, 5, 9. Lord - Saturn - 3, 4, Sub-Lord - Venus - 2, 7, Ketu AD. Planet - Ketu - 3, 4, Lord - Jupiter - 2, 5, 9.