Ramayan prashnavali astrology

He was also a philosopher who had extreme spiritual insight.

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  2. Prashnavali.
  3. Shridi Sai Baba Answers your questions.

His love and compassion helped to heal millions of people. He knew that everybody always has a question and always seeks an answer.

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  • Ramacharitamanas Prashnavali;
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  • Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Sometimes an individual may not know who to ask, or it is hard to believe that there is a right answer. Ramcharitmanas Prashnavali is a way to get the answer that is right for you at this right moment to help you along your journey in life.


    It has been said that if you use Ramcharitmanas Prashnavali as a daily guide, then you will become less confused, but build powerful concentration. Worrying about the future will be a thing of the past! No question is too hard to be answered. If you have a question that needs an answer, and if you are aspiring to lead a good life, then this is an oracle that has a purpose to lead you in the right direction. There is no such thing as asking too many questions.

    This is the divination that gives advice and hope. First remember Lord Shri Rama in your mind and pray him to give answer don't disclose the Question to anyone before asking to Shri Rama. All you have to do is just click on any of the letters in the boxes with closed eyes.

    For the best answer of your question you should have only closed ended question in your mind. Then a couplet chaupai , the place from where it has been taken and Your Answer will be displayed on your screen.


    Its all about faith in the almighty and faith is tested for only once. So try to avoid the verification by repeating the process again and again.

    भविष्यवाणी या भविष्य जानने की अदभुत करिश्माई विधि Bhavishay Future Jaanne ki Adbhut Krishmaai Vidhi

    It tells you what to do if you are worried or anxious about a situation. MB Ram Shalaka Prashnavali Software is a wonderful tool that finds the answers for your questions in life on the basis of the philosophy in Ram Charit Manas. Pray to Lord Rama with your eyes closed and the question in your mind and select one of the letters in the screen of this oracle software or divination software.

    Click Image To Get Accurate Answers From Prashnavali?

    You will find the solution to your problems. You can download this software absolutely for free.