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This is a card of committed labour, a dedicated mindset to your ultimate goal. Onyx Known for its properties of encouragement, strength and protection, Onyx's primary chakra is the Root Chakra, which connects to our sense of safety, security and our physical identity or sense of self.

The final round of Mercury madness AKA Mercury retrograde for is knocking at the door, and the retrograde officially kicks off October 31, lasting until November Of all the astrology signs, the Fire sign of Aries is the most hotheaded. Enter your email address below to receive your daily horoscope directly to your inbox. Your email will be used to send you your free astrological reading, along with ongoing communications regarding your zodiac sign. Are you listening? Sign up to receive your daily horoscope directly to your inbox. What foundations are you working with now, Leo?

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More Horoscopes for leo Sun Sign. Weekly Forecast. Daily Horoscope Video with Debra Silverman. Daily Tarot Reading 8 of Pentacles. Learn More About Crystals and Gemstones. Leo Daily Horoscope for Wednesday, 09 October Get accurate love and career forecasts for Leo today and find out what the stars predict for your star sign! Use the Planetary Hours application now and see how the planets are affecting your star sign at this present hour and every other hour of the day.

Leo yearly horoscope. Leo weekly horoscope. Leo monthly horoscope. For a more in depth astrological analysis, check your Personal Horoscope.

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Tomorrow's Horoscope. Come out of your shell. Leo season has arrived, and the sun's majestic rays are shining brighter than ever. Feeling inspired yet?

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Whether you're an artist looking for a creative muse or a hopeless romantic in love with love, I have a feeling your Leo season horoscope is everything you never knew you needed. Cancer season was quite challenging, to say the least, but its maternal waves brought along both emotional and spiritual healing.

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Now that it's the peak of summer, it's time to shed light on our inner child and the things that bring pure joy. So, are you ready to have fun?

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  • One of my favorite things about astrology is the divine order of the zodiac and the unique symbolism behind each zodiac archetype. It's no coincidence you feel the way you do during Leo season because each sign adheres to a higher order. In the beginning, the spark of Aries' cardinal fire is equivalent to the moment you take your very first breath.

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    Taurus' sensuality is a representation of the five senses, while Gemini's mental agility goes hand-in-hand with your cognitive development. Cancer nurtures itself and its surroundings, which serves as a symbol of upbringing, and Leo is the child within you, bursting with love and innocence.

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    So what happens when the sun enters lovable Leo? You know that feeling you get every time you laugh so hard your stomach hurts? Well, that's the perfect way to describe the essence of Leo. It's time to have fun. Nothing more and nothing less.

    When was the last time you did something that genuinely brought a smile to your face?