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I send out mailings at each New and Full Moon, full of current planetary news, links to some featured articles and blog posts, news of where you can see me in person, and all kinds of subscriber-only deals! Plus, at each New Moon you get to download my Working with the Moon workbook, absolutely free!

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Do it! Just beginning to learn astrology? About me Hi, I'm April. I'm an astrologer and author living in San Diego, California. My job: Use astrology to help clients better understand themselves and others, and to plot their life course. Read on. About the Site When I waded into the waters of the internet, I debated what to call my first website.

Coming up on issue in a few months. First things first, who are you, and where are you from? How did you get into astrology and when? Spent most of his 20s studying metaphysics.

Surely there must be more!

The first issue Initially just an 8 page newsletter. Charged 59 cents, and sold it to a few local stores.

Xeroxed about copies at first. Decided to produce another issue 2 months later after a few dozen sold. Subsequent issues and rapid expansion.

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Morrison was the first subscriber He advised Tem on how to expand. By the fourth and fifth issues TMA started to feature other writers.

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Met wife, Kate Sholly, in early , who had experience editing. Later years Peak print circulation occurred in the early s. Started offering digital version in late s.

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  4. TMA website and blog. General points: TMA is unique in the community because it is very high quality.

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    Has editors who help authors to improve their articles. Graphic design and layout. Some focus on aesthetic appeal. TMA became one of the main hubs for communication in the community. A number of questions submitted by listeners and patrons were asked and answered towards the end of the show.

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